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Planned Maintenance Programs
Austin Automatic Door Solutions offer a variety of Planned Maintenance Programs (PM) that help to protect the business with customer and employee safety.  Our PM programs ensure the safety of our clients by ensuring that all doors are in proper working condition.
Austin Automatic Door Solutions service technicians are all AAADM Certified (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers).  "The AAADM program is a trade association of power-operated automatic door manufacturers established in 1994 to raise public awareness about automatic doors and administer a program to certify automatic door inspectors".  As a member of the AAADM certification program since 2003, our service technicians are able to conduct inspections of new installations to ensure the safety of customers and the safe operation of doors.  
Austin Automatic Door Solutions service technicians are trained and qualified to conduct annual inspections in accordance with current industry standards, making us a great choice for automatic and manual door service.
What many owners and managers are unaware of is the automatic door safety standard required for businesses.  There are 2 main associations that ensure this standard: BHMA or the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association and the Approved American National Standard, also know as ANSI.  "These associations set the standard, define and govern such things as installation, sensing devices, and safety requirements for automatic pedestrian doors.  AAADM suggests that automatic door systems be checked anually by an inspector who has been certified by AAADM".  AAADM suggests to also perform daily safety checks before allowing customers to use automatic doors.  Additional information can be found at their website listed below.
AAADM Helpful Links:
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